High-quality analyses

AltraBio harnesses its renowned expertise in bioinformatics, biostatistics, and biology to offer services in the analysis and interpretation of various omics data types (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc.).

Our team collaborates closely with clients and partners for each project to ensure their goals are met.

Expertise in biostatistics and bioinformatics

Before conducting differential analyses, we implement various methods to assess the data quality and its consistency with the experimental design. We specifically address outliers and effects unrelated to the design to correct them in agreement with of our client/partner. This ensures the relevance of the analysis performed.

Experimental designs may involve multiple factors such as donor, cell type, treatment, dose, and timepoints, allowing for analysis from various perspectives. To address the biological question(s) of the study, AltraBio identifies the most appropriate statistical model (paired design, batch effect correction, estimation of hidden factors, outlier weighting, etc.).

AltraBio has the expertise to integrate various types of data (multi-omics, cytometry, medical data, etc.). We employ supervised and unsupervised machine learning for various applications including biomarker identification, classification, predictive models for diagnostics or treatment response. Our clients benefit from our strong proficiency in utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to extract maximum value from their data.

Expertise in biology

Biological processes and pathways are identified through the implementation of various complementary methods of functional category enrichment. These automated results are then reviewed to assess their relevance with the biological context of the study.

Beyond providing lists of molecules and biological pathways, AltraBio’s role is to extract meaning. In the interpretation phase, we consider the biological question(s) that initiated the study and evaluate the results while integrating biological knowledge available in scientific literature and databases. Our goal is to understand the biological mechanisms at play and formulate new hypotheses for validation. Examples of synthetic diagrams produced by AltraBio can be found in figures S8A and S9A of this article).


All the work conducted is summarized in a comprehensive report provided to our client/partner and explained during a video conference. This exchange allows us to clarify the chosen methodological approaches and their results, ensuring that our client/partner has the best understanding of their data.

The results of statistical analysis are also accessible through the WikiBioPath web interface, providing our clients/partners with a set of visualisation and analysis tools to continue exploring their data. They can easily visualize volcano plots, generate new heat maps, perform PCA, and conduct enrichment analyses on gene selections.

Our publications in Omics Data Analysis

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