Relevant analyses

AltraBio offers its expertise in statistics to support your clinical research projects from conception to publication.

Our statisticians have extensive experience in the analysis of medical data covering different therapeutic areas including (but not limited to) neuropsychiatry, neurosciences, pulmonology, immunology, dermatology, cardiology and rheumatology.

We adapt our solutions to the specific needs of our clients: human and veterinary pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotechs, cosmetic and nutritional industries and academic laboratories, from the development phases to the “Post Market Clinical Follow up”.

Study design

  • Sample size and power calculation
  • Writing of the synopsis
  • Definition of the analysis methodology
  • Development of the Statistical Analysis Plan

Data collection

  • Support for writing the Data Management Plan
  • Selection of the eCRF

Data processing

  • Data extraction
  • Formatting in accordance with the standards (CDISC, …)
  • Data correction and cleaning (atypical data, missing data, …)

Data Analysis and valorization

  • Descriptive methods, comparative analyses, …
  • Construction of explanatory or predictive models, …
  • Delivery of statistical reports in the form of a pdf or of a dynamic web page, processing algorithms
  • Writing of abstracts, posters, research articles

Our Publications In Medical Data Analysis

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Patout, Maxime; Gagnadoux, Frédéric; Rabec, Claudio; Trzepizur, Wojciech; Georges, Marjolaine; Perrin, Christophe; Tamisier, Renaud; Pépin, Jean-Louis; Llontop, Claudia; Attali, Valerie; Goutorbe, Frederic; Pontier-Marchandise, Sandrine; Cervantes, Pierre; Bironneau, Vanessa; Portmann, Adriana; Delrieu, Jacqueline; Cuvelier, Antoine; Muir, Jean-François

AVAPS-AE versus ST mode: A randomized controlled trial in patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome Journal Article

In: Respirology, vol. 25, no. 10, pp. 1073–1081, 2020, ISSN: 1440-1843.

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Boussuges, Alain; Rives, Sarah; Marlinge, Marion; Chaumet, Guillaume; Vallée, Nicolas; Guieu, Régis; Gavarry, Olivier

Hyperoxia During Exercise: Impact on Adenosine Plasma Levels and Hemodynamic Data Journal Article

In: Front Physiol, vol. 11, pp. 97, 2020, ISSN: 1664-042X.

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Delliaux, Stéphane; Delaforge, Alexis; Deharo, Jean-Claude; Chaumet, Guillaume

Mental Workload Alters Heart Rate Variability, Lowering Non-linear Dynamics Journal Article

In: Front Physiol, vol. 10, pp. 565, 2019, ISSN: 1664-042X.

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