Cytometry data analysis

AltraBio offers comprehensive services for flow and mass cytometry data analysis from gating to cross-sample analysis. To maximise the value of your experimental results and to speed up your process, AltraBio’s offer covers the entire data analysis workflow from discovery and diagnostic studies to optimization of population identification processes.

Gating step:

  • Automatic and standardised application of your manual gating strategy to the full data of your study thanks to a unique service allowing to free the experimenter from this tedious and time consuming process. This approach possesses numerous advantages:

    • Standardisation of the gating process 
    • Time saving --> fast, 24/7
    • Improved reliability (reproducibility & accuracy) by removing the variability of manual gating
    • Adapted to deep and complex gating strategies
    • Automation of quality controls and outlier identification

  • Identification of cell populations (unsupervised automated gating), description of identified cell populations (e.g., statistics, hypothesis tests, advanced visualisation)

Cross Sample Analyses:

  • Initial import of raw data & gating workspaces from manual or automated gating, Preprocessing (e.g., compensation, normalization), Data Quality Control
  • Predictive modeling, correlation identification, advanced visualisation, clustering
  • Reagent panel selection, gating strategy optimization

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