AltraBio is a research company specializing in the analysis of biological and medical data through the use of statistical methods and artificial intelligence.

With more than 15 years of experience, AltraBio is trusted worldwide by pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics and medical device manufacturers, dermato-cosmetic companies, and academic research institutions operating in the various fields of life sciences.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of experienced professionals with strong skills in medicine, biology, data science, and computer science. This cross-functional expertise allows us to go beyond the statistical analysis of your data by understanding your problem, participating in the design of your study, and carrying out the biological and medical interpretation of your results.

A few words from our CEO:

“In recent decades, research in medicine and biology has benefited from exceptional technical progress allowing the characterization of living organisms at the molecular level. This progress has been made in different areas: number of measured parameters, access to new information, precision of measurements, reduction in costs, automation of measurement processes, reduction in sample size down to the single cell, etc.

The consequence is an explosion in the volume and complexity of the molecular data generated, both by basic research and during clinical development. In parallel, the biological knowledge available to interpret and analyze this data is increasing, and the algorithms are becoming more complex.

AltraBio’s position is at the crossroads of these paths: Data, Knowledge and Methods.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise and more than 15 years of experience in the field, AltraBio is able to analyze the molecular and clinical data of R&D projects, and to extract relevant information for academic and private researchers.

In addition, thanks to proprietary and unique artificial intelligence methods, AltraBio reproduces human expertise for the analysis of cytometry data, thus allowing pharmaceutical companies to automatically and quickly analyze this type of data during their clinical trials.

These different skills have been reflected in numerous scientific articles.”