AltraBio SAS, a leading company in data analysis and development of automated gating tools and Tercen Data Analytics Ltd, a leading provider of cytometry cloud-based data analysis software, today announced the integration of CytAutomaton, the Gating Automation tool developed by AltraBio in the Biomedical Data Analysis Platform developed by Tercen to facilitate access and use of this Machine-Learning based approach as well as interaction with generated gating results.

The availability of CytAutomaton in the Tercen platform will allow the users to automatically quantify cellular populations defined in their gating strategy on all cytometry files and then interact with the results.

For several years, due to the development of new technologies, cytometry data has become more complex, and the volume of data generated continues to increase. Historical manual gating, one of the primary sources of variability for flow cytometry analysis, is no longer suitable for analyzing the large amount of data generated in clinical studies. The machine-learning based approach developed by AltraBio can fill this gap with a highly proven ability to apply given gating strategies to a large amount of clinical data. This increases the robustness of the gating step, speeds up this process, and saves experts time. Due to the expense of clinical trials, extracting the maximum information is critical. Users now have access to a combination of gating techniques. Supervised gating for the target populations and unsupervised for subpopulations within those target groups.

With this partnership, CytAutomaton runs in the customer’s IT infrastructure due to Tercen’s cloud-native technology. Interactive visualizations and statistics are provided on AltraBio’s powerful gating models. Both partners are pleased to announce this collaboration which will provide access to quality tools that help clinicians and researchers to use cytometry in high-dimension studies, to speed-up the data processing step, and to increase the robustness of their results.

« This partnership is a tremendous opportunity for users to combine the flexibility of the integrative platform provided by Tercen with the huge performances of CytAutomaton » said Laurent Buffat, CEO of AltraBio.

« For the first time, the flow cytometry community now has a single data analysis solution that covers research, preclinical, and clinical studies. We are very excited to be working with AltraBio. » said Faris Naji, CEO of Tercen.

About AltraBio

AltraBio is a research company specializing in analyzing biological and medical data through statistical methods and artificial intelligence.

With more than 15 years of experience, AltraBio is trusted worldwide by pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics and medical device manufacturers, dermato-cosmetic companies, and academic research institutions operating in the various fields of life sciences.

The AltraBio multidisciplinary team comprises experienced professionals with strong medical, biology, data science, and computer science skills. This cross-functional expertise allows you to go beyond the statistical analysis of your data by understanding your problem, participating in the design of your study, and carrying out the biological and medical interpretation of your results.

They notably developed several tools for the cytometry data process including clustering approaches for biomarker discovery studies and CytAutomaton, a tool able to reproduce human expertise for cytometry data analysis, thus allowing pharmaceutical companies to automatically and quickly analyze this data during their clinical trials.

About Tercen

Tercen is a software company specializing in a biomedical data analysis platform for clients in the Biotech, Pharma, and Academic spaces.

The Tercen platform bridges the skills gap between wet-lab and dry-lab scientists by allowing full data analysis pipelines to be created intuitively and interacted with without learning to code.

Tercen are pioneers in the abstraction of statistical algorithms and the provision of no-code bioinformatics. The Tercen platform has over 100 plugins, visualizations, and Apps ranging from standard statistical analysis to specialized pipelines for Flow Cytometry, scRNAseq, and Translational Medicine.

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Tercen Contact

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