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Unlock the full value of your data


AltraBio is a contract research company specializing in the analysis of biological and medical data using statistical methods and artificial intelligence.

Trusted globally, AltraBio serves as a research and development partner for leading companies and university hospitals across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and dermato-cosmetics sectors.

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May 2024

18th WRIB

🔬 AltraBio is thrilled to announce our participation at [...]

April 2024

CYTO 2024

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January 2024

Conference I3M

We are delighted to announce our presence at the [...]

November 2023


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Wang, Shaoying; Prieux, Margaux; de Bernard, Simon; Dubois, Maxence; Laubreton, Daphne; Djebali, Sophia; Zala, Manon; Arpin, Christophe; Genestier, Laurent; Leverrier, Yann; Gandrillon, Olivier; Crauste, Fabien; Jiang, Wenzheng; Marvel, Jacqueline

Exogenous IL-2 delays memory precursors generation and is essential for enhancing memory cells effector functions Journal Article

In: iScience, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 109411, 2024, ISSN: 2589-0042.

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Cognasse, Fabrice; Nguyen, Kim Anh; Heestermans, Marco; Arthaud, Charles-Antoine; Eyraud, Marie-Ange; Prier, Amélie; Bernard, Simon De; Nourikyan, Julien; Duchez, Anne-Claire; Avril, Stéphane; Garraud, Olivier; Hamzeh-Cognasse, Hind

P-228 Les modèles mathématiques peuvent prédire l'activité des plaquettes humaines et les expressions protéiques en réponse à diverses stimulations Journal Article

In: Transfusion Clinique et Biologique, vol. 30, iss. S1, pp. S147, 2023.

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Nedachi, Taku; Bonod, Christelle; Rorteau, Julie; Chinoune, Wafae; Ishiuchi, Yuri; Hughes, Sandrine; Gillet, Benjamin; Bechetoille, Nicolas; Sigaudo-Roussel, Dominique; Lamartine, Jérôme

Chronological aging impacts abundance, function and microRNA content of extracellular vesicles produced by human epidermal keratinocytes Journal Article

In: Aging (Albany NY), vol. 15, no. 22, pp. 12702–12722, 2023, ISSN: 1945-4589.

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87 entries « 1 of 29 »
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