Biological interpretation of research results

AltraBio analysts go beyond the initial statistical output and interpret these results in the context of the biological problem the experiment addresses.

The interpretation phase aims to bring out the various biological processes associated with the effects observed after the statistical analysis. To do this it integrates the current biological knowledge available in the scientific literature and public databases to identify functions, relationships and pathways relevant to changes observed in an analyzed dataset.

To allow our partners to optimize their data using, AltraBio also designs & develops a web-based solution for data and knowledge storage, extraction and browsing. This solution, named WikiBioPath, allows our partners to integrate and understand their experimental data (e.g., microarrays, RNAseq). Using WikiBioPath, one can search for targeted information on genes, proteins and their functional evidence extracted from unstructured textual knowledge repositories such as MEDLINE. WikiBioPath is further enriched by interactive data visualization tools which allow biologists to explore their experimental data and analyses results (Brochure).